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What is FinOps?
What are the 6 principles of it?

FinOps simplifies cloud spending and maximizes business value by uniting technology, finance, and business strategies, ensuring smarter resource allocation and optimized financial decisions.


Collaborative Decision-Making

Teams collaborate in real-time, focusing on business value to drive innovation and efficiency in cloud operations.


Value-Driven Decisions

Prioritize unit economics and value-based metrics over overall spend, balancing cost, quality, and speed.


Ownership and Empowerment

Foster accountability by empowering teams to manage their own cloud usage and cost-effectiveness from design to operations.


Accessible Reporting

Timely sharing of FinOps data enables real-time visibility, feedback loops, and effective financial planning.


Centralized Support

A central team promotes best practices, secures executive buy-in, and centralizes optimization, freeing technical teams from negotiations.


Leveraging Cloud's Model

Embrace the variable cost model for innovation, using just-in-time planning and proactive optimization.

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Your Path to Cost Efficiency

Are your AWS cloud costs spiraling out of control? Are you struggling to identify and eliminate wasteful spending? is here to help.

I’m a  AWS-certified expert specialized in advanced cloud optimization strategies. I’ll work with you to understand your unique cloud usage patterns and identify opportunities to reduce costs without sacrificing performance.

3xC services:

Cost Optimization Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your AWS environment to pinpoint cost-saving opportunities.

Resource Optimization

Rightsizing instances, optimizing storage, and leveraging spot instances for cost-effective workloads.

Reserved Instances (RI) & Savings Plans

Expert guidance on purchasing and managing RIs to maximize savings.

Cost Monitoring & Alerting

Implementation of tools to track cloud spending, identify anomalies, and forecast future costs.

Cost Allocation

Strategies for tracking costs by department or project to promote accountability and transparency.

FinOps Consulting

Expert advice and training on FinOps best practices to empower your team.

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FinOps Focus is an open-source project that provides guidelines for generating FinOps-serviceable datasets. The FinOps Certified FOCUS Analyst Certification is a valuable credential for those who want to learn how to use FOCUS to solve real-world business challenges.

AWS introduces Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 (Preview), a new feature enabling streamlined export of AWS cost and usage data in the standardized FOCUS 1.0 format. This simplifies cloud financial management by making it easier to consolidate and analyze cost data from multiple sources, ultimately helping businesses optimize their AWS cloud spending.

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“The things we measure are the things we improve. If you’re not measuring, start. If you are, make sure you’re measuring the right thing.”

James Clear author of Atomic Habits

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

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